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When a business organization comes to choose a logistics company, the first question is: how to select a good partner?

No, companies have many options because the logistics solution services industry tends to grow globally. However, the risk in the selection of logistics partners also exists for companies. The ‘price’ is the factor that tempts to favor it, and this factor tends to be rather deceitful. Modern-day companies seek an expert strategic partner that can enable their businesses to be developed.

For companies, choosing an expert logistics service provider is a tough experience. To have the right logistic companies in UAE, you need to consider some key factors stated below:

Offering All Shipment Modes 

Businesses should prefer more rigorous criteria for selecting the right logistics partner. One of them is that the logistics service follows a stringent standard for different shipment modes. It means your chosen logistics company should offer all delivery methods, including nationwide, international, by sea, by air, and by land.

It does matter if you investigate the chosen logistics service company has all modem facilities, direct charter systems, and it also ensures high output ranges. If you need maritime freight, it is good to search for shipping facilities with a centralized approach. The reason is that moisture and humidity would damage your packages.

Remember that the logistics provider will ensure that the safety of products while distributing from door to door.

Company’s Background and History

The chosen logistics partner should be an established provider with a good track record. So, you must evaluate the company’s historical background and how much it is stable. The company’s presence on the territory should be strong, and its reputation has been established in the industry. You also need to evaluate its ability to give assurance for all-inclusive service. A well-established transportation network has already reached many goals and has overcome many obstacles. It means that the company is well aware of the logistics world.

Customer Service

The chosen logistics provider must follow customer-centric approaches to provide services. It means the provider is responsive, entertains timely your concerns with good communication skills, and offers the best solutions to your problems. Determining these elements is not very easy, so you need to do your homework.

All logistics provider pride their customer service and intensely claim its excellence. But the question is, how do you know? You can approach their previous customers to ask about them. In addition, you can also approach companies operating in a similar industry to ask for references. Remember that having responsive customer service demands much from businesses. A well-documented and repeated process plays a role in establishing excellent customer service. And this process continues over the years.

Digital and Technology Savvy

The logistics world is evolving globally by becoming digital. Contemporary businesses cannot choose a logistics partner that follows traditional manual approaches to provide support. Therefore, when you select a partner for the logistics function, you need to bring the company on board. This way, you can determine to what extent the chosen company understands the significance of the technology to be used in logistics functions.

For example, if you are looking for an expert transport provider, you need to check whether the company offers multi-modal shipment solutions? What is their booking procedures? Does the company offer a digital platform for booking? If you are looking for road transport, you should ask about the use of GPS? How the technology they use can be connected with business systems, processes, and procedures you follow?

Location Network

A good logistics provider is that operating with a large network of locations. This is the key factor that helps you determine the global expansion or distribution of your business. Remember that a reputed and reliable partner will have a comprehensive solution for you to satisfy all your business distribution needs.

For example, if your concern is cross-border shipment delivery, you need to determine the provider’s locations network. So, it would help if you probe whether or not the provider has a network in your chosen country.

Comprehensive Storage Solution

Search for the logistics provider that offers a comprehensive warehouse solution. This is necessary when your packages need to be stored safely for a specific period of time. Having this facility is essential for you before your products reach their final destination. The factor of ‘location’ really matters. So, you should determine the distance between the warehouse, the port, and the customer. 

You should search for the provider that established growth in tight markets and has a good track record of recruiting and retaining labor. So, you can determine that the logistics partner has the potential to grow with you by retaining the key performance indicators. Lastly, you should consider those providers that have the ability to further improve your supply chain by providing distinct services. So, you need to search for a provider that offers storage services in an overweight zone, co-packing, re-packing, and others.

Bee Logistics is an excellent logistics service partner you can choose and grow with.  Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we are one of the top leading logistic companies in Dubai as well. So, if you are searching for a good partner, then you have reached the right destination. Hire our logistics services and grow!

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