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Since domestic shipping is so pocket-friendly, most entrepreneurs look for ways to shave off savings while sending and receiving freight internationally. Partially that is why air freight forwarding services might appear to be in extreme contrast.

However, this could lead you to miss out on some major perks, especially when you are dealing with lesser volume freight. Besides speedy delivery, there are innumerable advantages for shipping your goods via air. This is why air freight is usually the preferred choice for many big and small industries such as, electronics, interior designing, construction and many more. As a matter of fact, as much as nearly six trillion dollars’ worth of freight is transported across the world through air freight. In other words, it makes up about 35% of all trade.

To make you understand why air freight is beneficial for business as well as personal needs, we have collected a list of some of its great benefits.

Unparalleled Speed

This doesn’t need to be explained why air freight services are the fastest way to send anything.

Therefore, whenever timings are crucial, you should not settle for less speedy services. Although great sea and land transportation can also send your goods efficiently, both of them are comparatively much slower.

Consistency In Time Of Arrival And Time Of Departure

While you are using air freight services, you would find it much easier to track your sent package and make sure the customer receives it within the time frame you guaranteed. That is because you as a business owner and a customer could check when the flight would take off and when it would land.

Moreover, if the flight gets missed you would not feel any need to wait for the arrival of the parcel on the assigned time.

Excellent Shipping Flexibility

While you send your parcel through land or sea freight, you have little choice with the transportation network. With that being said, shipping the goods through air enables you to enjoy many delivery options.

As a result, confining your business to land or sea freight services can leave out many smaller countries. So if you want to open more doors for your business by extending its reach, air freight is your best bet.

Lesser Insurance Premiums

Quicker transit time often leads to lower premiums. Hence, if you significantly reduce the premiums, choose air freight.

Not to mention, the lesser your package stays en route, the lower is its risk of getting stolen. That is because limited time would make your package pass through fewer hands.

High-Security Standards

Since air freight makes your package travel through fewer stops, air freight services have much-elevated security.

Furthermore, the most secure places in any country are certainly the airports. Therefore by sending your load via air you can enjoy some peace of mind.

It Is Highly Reliable

If sending and receiving goods is among your priorities, air freight shipments are highly recommended.

Mainly that is because airlines are always on the top of their schedules.

Thus, air freight transportation certainly comes with the most dependable time of arrival and departure.

Even if the flight gets missed, it would not cause serious delays. Most air flight services run on daily schedules and that too often times within hourly departure.

Lesser Packing Material

Unlike sending the goods through sea and road, air freight doesn’t require you to overtly stuff your package. That’s because there are bumpy roads on unanticipated hitches in the air. Consequently, air freight allows you to send much lighter packaging, which would further save your freight cost.

Lesser Warehouse Dependence

Although reputable logistic companies like Bee-logistic offer exceptional warehousing, it is understandable if you are not comfortable with the idea of your package being stocked up with all kinds of goods.

The constant ebbing and flowing of businesses force them to stock up. Since, there could not be extended delays of air flights, sending the goods through the air can put you at a comparatively great advantage.

We hope now you have understood why it is best for you to prefer air freight services over others. Rather than focusing on the air freight cost, you should compare its advantages with other services. If the price is a big concern for you, then we suggest you call us at Bee-logistic and get the best air freight services at the most economical rate.

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