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While sending your freight away, it is essential to ensure that your load is well-packaged and secured. That is because the most important thing for the sender and the recipient is that the package reaches its destination in an unblemished condition.

Why is it important to pack the freight?

Traveling through any mode of transportation can impact the freight a lot. Every hitch and bump on the way could shake the freight and likely cause destruction. Since nobody likes to receive or send damaged freight, it is imperative for you as a sender to make sure no potential hazard could ruin it.

Are packing your freight accurately?

Before sending your freight, it is vital to check if you are sending them in the best way possible. If you do not know whether you are packaging the freight correctly or not, see if there are any complaints regarding damaged goods from your customers.

Although inappropriate transport carriers could also be the reason behind damaged goods, damages usually occur because of inadequate packaging.

So, take some time, assess your process and procedure of sending out the freight.

Fortunately, packing any form of cargo is not as arduous as it may seem. Here is our easy packing guide!

1.Get all the essential packing supplies

This is the key step that separates efficient packing from inefficient one. You need to get all the essential packing material like duct tapes, sheets, packing material, plastic, markers, packing boxes, and sometimes even ropes.

Bear in mind that every item at your store is not equally sturdy and strong. Some items could be so fragile that they can shatter if given little pressure, while others are strong enough to withstand an enormous force. With that being said, you can apply the same packing method for every possession.

Of all the items mentioned above, packing boxes are the most crucial ones. Some people are under the impression that discarded or old boxes can be used as an alternative.

Although you can use your old boxes for some items, solely relying on them is certainly risky. That is not only because they might not be as strong but it is also because not every box is designed for every item.

2.Divide your belongings

Since it is impractical to put your belongings in a single box, you should first categorize everything based on its size, shape, and value.

Doing so would help you decide which box is befitting for which item. Just like how it is impossible to fit a large item into a smaller box, it is preposterous to place a smaller material in a box too big for itself.

If you are unable to find the right box for your smaller possessions, place them in large boxes and then fill up the vacant spaces with packing material, so they do not move around, collide with the surface, or collapse into one another.

3.Do not leave any space

When it comes to packing, the more intact it is, the securer your possessions would be. Primarily, that is because loose packing can make the packed items move or hop around, especially when they are being transported through a bumpy road.

Too much moving around and bumping into each other can create friction among your packed valuables, which can then lead to damage.

You can keep all of this from happening, by making sure that there is not enough room in the packing box for any item to slip or move. Since not every box is tailor-made for every object, it is advisable to stuff extra paper and plastic in the packing box.

With that being said, too much stuffing or loading the boxes can also prove to be disadvantageous. This is especially true with fragile valuables since they can be affected by stuffing pressure. Furthermore, too much plastic can increase the weight of the box, which might lead it to collapse. While packing with stuffing’s, make sure to use the lighter ones.

Besides inadequate packaging, improper carriers can also damage the freight. Therefore it is only common sense to go for the best freight services. If you are Saudia Arabia-based business owner, then we suggest you go for Bee-logistic for it takes pride in offering the most efficient logistics solutions in Saudi Arabia.

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