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Since the advent of technology, the idea of shopping has completely revolutionized. Unlike in earlier times, now shoppers prefer to do online shopping. Therefore irrespective of where your business is located, if you offer online shopping services, customers from all over the world would expect you to deliver your products at their doorstep.

Although most business strategies and plans have undergone an incredible evolution because of online shopping, there persists a need for many more drastic changes. Online shopping has put great stress on international logistics and local courier services. With the increasing online traffic, companies need to be extra vigilant while choosing freight forwarding companies.

Although there are several leading logistic companies like Bee-logistic that have a great experience with customs clearance, you as a business owner also require to have a clear understanding of the process.

How does an international customs clearance work?

Since every country has its own distinct set of demands that it imposes on international shipments, every merchandise should at least have a basic understanding of customs clearance.

Although the custom clearance process is not the same in every country, there are some general requirements demanded by all. If the process of customs clearance seems too complicated to you, stick to this blog for we have mentioned some of the key aspects of customs clearance that every country demands.

1.Legal documentation

To import the goods via legitimate means, every merchandise must have some legal documentation. For instance, commercial invoices and bills of lading are two main factors demanded by all kinds of legalizations.

To put it simply, a commercial invoice is a form of legal documentation that a seller gives to its importer in all legal trade deals. This document is necessary because it is proof of sales between customers and sellers. It is much like a receipt that contains freight value, the number of goods, and of course the pricing. In addition to everything, the commercial invoice is also to calculate duties and taxes.

2.Duties and Taxes

Paying taxes and duties is an incumbent for custom clearance, therefore it is important to keep them in mind. The charges of duty vary on several factors such as the type of goods, the weight of goods, the value of goods, and the importing laws of the country. You should not take these charges lightly, because the customs officer is always there to check if you have paid for the applied tax.

3.Accurate labeling and appropriate packaging

Categorizing one’s goods is a necessary part because it retains the consistent fair charges. Inaccurate labeling can lead to much-delayed shipment and it can also invoke legal actions against your shipment.

Therefore, it is more than necessary to make sure that you have categorized the goods accurately. You should also make sure that you have mentioned the accurate address and contact information.

In addition to categorizing your goods accurately, current packaging is also vital. This is especially important to secure your freight, because you may never know what kind of route would be on its way. If you are sending away a hazardous object, it is vital to pack it properly, or else legal action might be taken against you.

4.Always hire a customs broker

It is no secret that custom clearance is an arduous task and even the least strict countries have the most stringent policies about it. So irrespective of how small and harmless your freight is, a great amount of effort is required to get it across the countries. This is where the customs broker comes to your rescue.

A Customs Broker is a professional who is licensed by the country’s government because they happen to have immense knowledge about import duties, customs regulations, and tariffs.

Given the knowledge and trust acquired by the customs brokers, you could hire them to aid you with customs clearance. As a result, you can hire them not just to help you through the process, but also to educate you about the ways you can get legal coverage for your freight.

Since an efficient logistic company covers all the necessary areas for you, you should hire Bee-logistic. It does not only offer exceptional freight forwarding services but is also one of the best 3pl logistics companies.

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