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Ever since we have been blessed with the internet, it has become easy to earn. The Internet has been a great way of discovering different ways to create income. For this reason, a lot of people got into start-ups. However, a problem was seen here, and that is, start-ups were seen ending in a very short period. There are multiple reasons for it, such as:

  •         Poor planning
  •         Less amount funding
  •         Not enough capital to sustain the business
  •         Lack of human resources
  •         Lack of material resources
  •         Most important of all, poor logistics

Those who want to sustain their start-ups make sure that their logistics are up to the mark. They know how vital, strong logistics is to generate revenue. It is, in fact, not just about sustaining or generating revenue because a start-up is someone’s dream and passion. People convert an idea to a full-fledged business. Only if they know a few essentials regarding planning, logistics and supply chain can they generate good profits soon.

E-commerce start-ups are heavily dependent on good logistics. Many of the e-commerce owners fail to realise that a slight slip in logistics can result in a great deal of loss for them.

That is why there are a few logistics essentials that every e-commerce business should know. These essentials are described below.


It is an important factor and it alone can either make or break your business. Start-ups begin from scratch and hence they have no experience or history regarding storing inventory. Due to this, they are taken aback if they face a surge in demands with a smaller inventory or don’t sell despite having a large number of inventories. Both scenarios are disastrous. The only way a new online business can avoid such situations is to keep track of their website traffic and ongoing trends, and collect history from other similar businesses, which can be a bit hard.

Free Delivery

It is a fact that customers while shopping online, will be attracted more to a website that provides free shipping rather than one that charges for delivery. However, free shipping does not always come easy for the retailer. They have to keep in mind the shipping cost, but free shipping is a great marketing tactic. For this problem, you can contact online logistics solutions like Bee Logistics. Together with a logistics company, you can develop a plan that includes both free and fast shipping.

Doorstep Delivery

This is the last step of shipping your products to customers, but this is the first interaction with the product they ordered. It is essential for them, and thus as an e-commerce business, you should take good care of this process. You should make sure that delivery to the customer’s doorstep is proper and does not have any complications. For this, you can hire companies that do B2C deliveries. Do note; it is important because many customers make their first impression based on the delivery they get.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce start-ups will only flourish with solid logistics. Start-ups do not have enough capital in the start to create a logistics team of their own. That is why they should hire a reliable and credible supply chain company to deal with their logistics problem. Do note that the above-mentioned are a few of the significant parts of logistics. There are other small and big parts that need to be taken care of, like returns, warehousing, and etc.

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